Website Updates during video call

Hello dear client, this is your place to book time with me for a website boost.

Realise your Website ideas in real time

Whatever you imagine, let’s make it real. Come join me on a Zoom screen-share call where I’ll bring in clarity and make your ideas visible on your website.

How it works?

After an online purchase of time with me, you will see my calendar where you can select time for our screen-share session. During a call, as you speak, I’ll organise your website ideas on Miro and make live changes on your website. All in real time.

Website Updates for Ruta's Clients

"I want small changes (Pages Texts, Photos or Buttons, etc)"

"OMG, I clicked and broke a website, can you help??"

"So, I made a list of my desired website changes!"

"I want a Newsletter on my website..."

"I need help with launching new Products or Courses"

"I want more pages or have big changes to website"