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If you’re a marketer, designer, coach or consultant, come on board! As a creative web designer and WordPress developer, I’d love to give you a sense of how I make websites. Let’s collaborate?

Here's my process...

step 0

Bonding with the Client

Before working together, it’s common for me to meet potential clients on Zoom for a virtual coffee. This is a free discovery call, where both, myself and the client get to know about each other and see if there’s synergy to work together. I answer all questions the client has, showcase website examples that I made as well as some of technologies I use to make websites. For example, it’s common for my clients to have a poor WordPress experience beforehand, so during this virtual coffee call, I showcase with examples of how I secure the website with SSL, professional hosting from Siteground, using only professional selection of plugins and a reCAPTCHA for contact forms. Also, I showcase in a realtime how I use Elementor for design, which also empowers the client to update their website on their own afterwards.

If we collaborate, here is the time and space to meet the client together!

step 1


Together with a client, I map their website plan on Miro during a Zoom video screen-share call.

This is a facilitated session where a client gains clarity about their target audiences (personas), business goals and visually decides on website pages that will help to achieve those goals.

Also, it’s common for me to provide an additional training session for the client on how to use Miro, to ensure they can use it throughout and after our project.

If we collaborate, and if you’re a brand designer or a coach, this step is where our services overlap, so we could co-create this session together.

step 2


In small web projects, the client gives me the texts and images for the website.

In collaborative projects, my copywriter and brand designer, produce website texts and images for the website as well as brand book which includes colours and typography. 

At times, I co-create a branded UI for the website with my brand designer and the client.

Occasionally, I write website texts for the client and provide open source images and pick colours and typography.

If we collaborate, and if you’re a brand designer, marketer or a coach, we could co-create this step together.

step 3


I make the website on WordPress (hosted on Siteground) with Elementor page builder and Astra theme.

I optimise website for mobile and tablet (Elementor), SEO (Yoast), speed (ST Optimizer), security (SSL, reCAPTCHA) and test.

With the client we typically have 2 website revisions, which ensures the business goals are met through the website.

In some projects, I facilitate user testing sessions, where a client receives feedback from their target customers prior website launch.

If we collaborate, and if you’re a brand designer, marketer or a business coach, your consulting voice is essential here.


Ecommerce or Elearning

If a client needs addons like selling products or online courses, I create an online shop with Woocommerce and checkout with Stripe.

In some projects I provide business consulting to the client helping to define their services, packages and pricing. In collaborative projects, a business coach looks after these.

If a client sells services, then “add to cart” buttons are populated across the services pages as well as custom Thank You pages redirecting to a calendar for booking calls (Calendly embed).

For online courses, I setup LearnDash for the client. If needed, I help the client with mapping their online course and keeping them accountable for producing the educational videos for the course.

If we collaborate, and if you’re a marketer or a business coach, your consulting voice is essential here.

step 5


The final step is training for the client on Zoom screen-share call. The call is recorded to help the client with updating their website on their own.

Closing the Space

After the project is completed, it’s always a nice touch to say goodbye to the client but also hear their feedback on how was the journey for them and to ensure we can stay in touch as their trusted digital team. Usually, this session happens over a Zoom call with an occasional Miro facilitated session for reflections.

If we collaborate, here is the time to close the space with the client together!

I'm flexible

I love making websites with Elementor. Also, I love facilitation and helping the client to discover clarity of what they need.

I believe in collaborations. Just message me, and we’ll start a conversation of how I could help you with your website projects!

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