The world is a global playground where everyone creates value.

Let’s take this vision and travel in time. Just use your mind. Do you see?

Cities now look like networks of village-like suburbs, with high speed Internet, less air pollution, local organic food markets, products and packaging made of bio materials, more forests with ecotherapy and daily expeditions to explore wildlife nature. #Nature #Infrastructure

People claim their time back and spend it how they want it. Cultural houses on every corner. Everyone no matter who they are is welcomed and free to attend workshops on science, art, business. Engage in collaborative self-directed exploration. #Learning #Culture

Everyone gets UBI and engages in global citizenship projects online. Everyone works few hours in local coworking spaces, creating projects to solve SDGs and other important global goals. #Work #Government #Community

What else would you add to this vision? Share it with me. That’s how I certainly would like to live.