Human Strategies


The more people we meet (on the web), the more information overload we experience. We can find clarity by going back to basics.

Values is a good filter that helps to evaluate a potential for a meaningful connection. When you know who you are, you are more open to listen and build a meaningful connection with someone else.


I'm sure there are research-based means to help discover our values. My exploration started simpler. In 2012, I took a sheet of paper, divided it into eight parts, and wrote down what's the most important in my life on each piece.

Then, I removed the four that are less important or those that talked about the same thing.

The four that left were 'Balance, Connection, Growth and Meaning'. When time went by, my values list evolved and settled as 'Integrity, Collaboration, Growth/Improvement and Impact/Value'.

Today, when I dive on the web, I look for people with similar values. Because like-minded people create great things together.