Words About My Work


Writer, Painter, Actress; Children of Lir

"Ruta is such a kind, patient and understanding person. I felt like I could tell her all of my crazy ideas without any judgement from her, in fact she embraced them! Ruta then was able to guide me and direct me based on my passions and interests. She is very creative and open minded which is not always easy to find in the business world! I would recommend Ruta to everyone, I think she is fantastic and her knowledge and guidance is top of the range!"


Craft Entrepreneur, Environmental Scientist; WildWoolWay

"Ruta was a pleasure to work with, very diligent, friendly and created a wonderful website for my business. She also completed online website training and broke it down into simple blocks for me, so I can easily update my own website. Her training videos are excellent, short and to the point, a great back up for me. I would highly recommend Ruta and look forward to working with her again in the future."


Chinese Medicine Practitioner

"I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend Ruta and her website design and business support service Kokono. Ruta brings so much to the table, both in terms of technical and business skills and in terms of who she is and how she engages with clients. What I particularly appreciate about Ruta is that she is super at translating my blah (written or verbal) and she’ll extract the essence of what I’m trying to communicate and convert it beautifully into the design, content and layout. Having had two experiences of working with other website developers, neither of whom exercised much interpretative skill, imagination or creativity (so the onus was really on me to lead every step creatively but this really isn’t my forte so it became a case of the blind leading the blind), working with Ruta has in contrast has been a sheer delight every step of the way. She’s extraordinarily efficient, reliable and productive (which has been both refreshing and inspiring!) She has a real ‘start-up’ mentality which helps get the creative juices going and prevented me from getting stuck or bogged down in details and decisions etc."