Tech Lessons over Video calls

As web tutor, I help sensitive creators to friend everyday technology and learn to tame the waves of creativity with focus.

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Whatever your relationship with technology is, discover more. Come join me on a Zoom screen-share call where I’ll show you how to get what you want out of everyday web tools.

How it works?

After an online purchase of time with me, you will see my calendar where you can select time for our screen-share session. During a call, I’ll ask you for a real example of what challenges or needs you may have, and show you how you can achieve your goals with more focus and clarity using one of the web tools. 

I’ll record a lesson and email it to you for easier access later. Just watch and repeat the steps!

Tech Lessons LIVE

Strategic Thinking with Miro

When you feel lost with many creative projects and ideas, learn to paint the big picture on You’ll learn how synthesis works and how to sort ideas into “parking lot” and “useful” to stay calm.

Project Management on Trello

When you feel lost in tasks, get introduced to a visual way of pursuing goals: You’ll learn how engineers use OKRs and Agile methods to turn visions into doable steps and follow a sense of flow.

Graphics Templates from Canva

When you need a graphic to tell a story on social media, to promote an event or boost your website with visuals that fit your brand colours, learn a recycling principle. 

On you’ll learn to choose clear professional templates from an online design library you can reuse to communicate clearly and visually.

Website Updates with Elementor

When you have got a website but no training, learn where to click to update your website by following simple steps. A lesson will be recorded so you can follow the steps and repeat. 

WordPress, Elementor, Woocommerce, Learndash tools will be covered depending on your individual needs, curiosity to learn and learning timeline.

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