Why do you do what you do, Ruta?

I think it’s a human need to express ourselves for the purpose of doing good for humanity. On the larger scale, human potential is this resource that creates wealth in our global societies.

With my work, I strive to make it easier for people to realise their true potential when creating ventures for good.

What got you to think this way?

Perhaps my personal story. I grew up in the time of transition. I was born in 1987 Lithuania just before the country got the independence from the Soviet Union.. My parents were artists. I could see how difficult it was to be a creative human being in the newborn capitalist society. It made me question systems as well as people’s behaviours.

What can people do to realise their ideas if the environments they live in do not provide the support needed?

Perhaps that’s why I got involved in entrepreneurship.

What were your entrepreneurial steps?

Moving to Ireland in 2010 was one of them. That’s where I practically learned how important communities are for the development of new ideas and opportunities.

In 2012, I entered a technology ecosystem where I learned modern ways of creating new products and bringing them to the world

Why technology?

It was a coincidence back in 2012, but today I see technology as a resource that enables everyone to fulfil their potential.

At the same time, I realise that many lack skills and mindset to benefit from creativity and digital technology.. I stay optimistic, though. I’d encourage everyone to view the Internet as a tool to learn new skills, collect ideas and create projects with people from a variety of disciplines and locations. It’s worth the time.

And what brought you to marketing, Ruta?

Very basic questions while still in college in 2006: “How to lead and change? How do trends spread in society? How do we choose products to buy?”

These questions are even more relevant today, especially when we talk about emerging technologies and ethics.

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