What do I do?

I enjoy working across disciplines. You can find me between marketing, product, business strategy. For example, it's easy for me to see a big picture and make plans happen, turn customer insights to value, communicate ideas and grow people.

I like to think that what I do is development.


Conversation —  rapport, active listening, asking questions, interviewing

Talent development —  coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, mentoring and teaching

Sales — relationship development, email correspondence, customer support

Community building — online group creation, influencer marketing, face to face events


Website development — WordPress, Squarespace, Ghost, HTML, CSS

Technical marketing — Yoast for SEO, Google Keyword Planner

Visual content development — Canva, Keynote, PowerPoint, Instagram

Prototyping - Invision, Marvel

Website analytics — Google Analytics

Product analytics — Kissmetrics

Social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn

Advertising — Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Marketing automation — Mailchimp, Later, Buffer, HootSuite

Project management — Trello, Google Drive, Workflowy, Basecamp

Communication — Slack, Gmail, Telegram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc.

CRM — HubSpot

Community building —, Eventbrite


Brand development — storytelling, positioning

Writing — creative writing, copywriting, editing, proofreading, blogging

Content development — text (blogs, ebooks, emails, websites); images (social media, blogs); documents, proposals, presentations, pitch decks

Website design — sketching, wireframing, user research, customer journeys, empathy maps

Idea generation — imagination, observation

Problem solving — design thinking, insight development, concept development

Idea testing — prototyping, customer interviews, experiment design


Business planning — market entry strategy, financial planning, Lean

Marketing planning — strategy, market research, process

Event planning — people coordination; sponsorships, topics and agenda planning

Project management — Agile, Kanban