Website Map


Website Map is a practical session to visually map the foundations for a successful website:

  • Who? Customer Segments. What type of people would be coming to your website and purchasing your services
  • How? Channels and Content needs. How would customers discover your website and how would customers be convinced to buy on website pages
  • What? Positioning and Services sold online. What makes your business unique, so that customers choose to make payments on your website instead of elsewhere

Why does Website Map matter?

After this session, you and your web developer will be on the same page. You will have a clear picture of what you need in a website (project deliverables) and your web developer can imagine the roadmap for your website project with payment options that suit your cash flows.

More so, this session works like a business primer, so expect to boost your understanding of marketing fundamentals like your customers and how to showcase yourself in an appealing manner online.

The session happens in 1 or 2 calls, over a screen-share on Zoom and with a Miro visualisation tool. The session will be recorded for you. After the session, you will have access to your personal Miro profile, which helps to reflect on what was captured visually in the session as well as to continue to think visually about your online business growth.