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"Dear Ruta, thank you for being the coolest, kindest, most patient web developer fairy ever! It was a joy to work with you on my website."
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"Ruta is super at translating my blah (written or verbal) and she’ll extract the essence of what I’m trying to communicate and convert it beautifully into the design, content and layout."
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"Ruta is an outstanding web designer and builder. As she was building my site, were on zoom and she was showing every step of the way. I recorded the session so I can go back to it when I need to.”
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"Ruta is professional, creative and supportive. She takes action decisively and helps to make the process of building a website seemless."
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"Ruta was so helpful and accommodating! She was attentive to what I was trying to do and creative to bring the ideas to life. Communication was top notch and I will definitely use her again when needed!"
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"Ruta was a pleasure to work with, very diligent, friendly and created a wonderful website for my business."
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"I would recommend Ruta to everyone, I think she is fantastic and her knowledge and guidance is top of the range!"

Prototyping Hour


Dear thinker, are you ready to move outside your head? Let’s capture the essence of your idea, vision, dream. Welcome to Prototyping.

You share what you imagine (even vague thoughts). I bring in clarity (insights, questions) and make the point of your idea as a visual map.

We’ll connect on Zoom video call. I’ll share my screen. I’ll be mapping your idea on Miro or Jamboard in a real-time (ownership of the board will be transferred to you during the call). After the session, you’ll leave with a method you can reuse to make any of your ideas concrete. As a method, Prototyping is used by designers, engineers and growth marketers to speed up the creativity process and to turn huge visions into concrete artefacts ready for feedback from other people.

What Now?
After purchase, you can select time in my calendar for our video call.