Self-Discovery Workshops

As a self-discovery facilitator, I help people to move outside the head and into the world of ‘making dreams happen’.

How it works?

You and me, we will schedule a series of Zoom screen-share calls. I will setup an online space ( for our time together, where your life’s story and dreams plan will unfold. 

In each session, I will share a screen, show examples and ask you questions. As you speak, I will construct the picture of your authentic self and your dreams plan, on a visual map.

Session 1

Ground Yourself

Session 2


Session 3



Creativity sparks from both, action and pausing.

Throughout our time together, I’ll be sharing tools that help will help you to “download” your experiences for yourself. You will learn to notice your feelings and discover your own insights about what matters to you, some of which may become the seeds of ideas for creative projects.

What People Say about Ruta?

our journey

Let's see if I'm the right facilitator for you?

01 Intro Call

Let's discuss your curiosity to explore and my approach to self-discovery workshops

02 Proposal

Review my proposal with pricing, timeline and exploration outcomes

03 Workshops Happen

Your self-discovery journey happens!