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This page is for everyone who wants to create something new that people need.

The resources listed below will help you answer key questions about your idea and audiences you aim to reach.

I've collected these resources over years when held digital marketing roles and worked on startups. Note: I have no affiliation with the organisations listed below, I'm just a happy user of tools they provide.

Enjoy your journey!


No matter what your product idea is, your goal is to foster trustful relationships with your audiences — the community.


Stage #1: You have an idea

Goal: Discover a problem worth solving

1) Start to think like your potential customers with "Design Thinking" methodology:,

2) Get an early feedback from your potential customers with "Customer Development" interviews:,

3) Explain your product idea visually with "Wireframing" and "Prototyping":,,

4) Explain your business visually with "Lean Canvas":

5) Decide who your customers are with "Jobs To Be Done" and "Value Proposition Map" frameworks:

6) See how many people are searching for your type of product with "Google Keyword Research" tool:

Goal: Get productive and organise your work

7) Change the way you think about failure with "Growth Mindset":

8) Set actionable goals with "Objectives and Key Results (OKR)" framework:

9) Speed up how you get things done with "Kanban" and "Agile" methodologies:,,

10) Organise your work on your laptop and phone:,,

Stage #2: You're looking for a product/market fit

Goal: Understand your audience

11) Estimate how big your market is with "TAM, SAM, SOM" framework:

12) Learn to view the world as your potential customer with "Target Persona" and "Customer Journeys" communication tools:,

13) Get a product feedback from your customers with "User Research":,

Goal: Inform your audience about your offer

14) Create digital content for your audience with "Inbound Marketing":,

15) Write to appeal to your audience with "Copywriting":

16) Build a website or a landing page: Squarespace, Wordpress, Ghost

17) Build a contact list with "Email Marketing":

18) Bring your website to google results with "Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)":,

Goal: Measure your results and improve actions

19) Track marketing performance with Google Analytics:

20) Understand when to change marketing tactics and website with "Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)":,

21) Understand what metrics to measure and when with "AAARR" framework:

22) Improve your website performance with "A/B Testing":

Stage #3: You have a growing customer base

Goal: Prepare to scale

23) Structure sales into a process:,,

24) Provide a helpful support to your customers with "Customer Success":,

25) Discover growth opportunities from within your product with "Growth Marketing":,,,

26) Build better products with "Product Management":,

27) Stay mindful about how you use knowledge, know-how and customers data with "Ethical Design":,

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