How might we have a good existence for all?

All includes all life forms: humans, the natural world, and other life forms that don’t exist yet.

Good existence means living well.


NOTE: The following observations are limited to the human world only because as of today the human species impact wellbeing for other species on Earth.

What’s needed to create the conditions of good existence for all?

Self-Realisation as a norm where a being fulfils its purpose and benefits the ecosystem.

Self-Organised Life (SOL) as a tool for self-realisation where human beings constantly re-create the conditions that allow them to live well and at the same time to benefit the ecosystem, that is, to constantly produce ideas through observation of oneselves and the world around them, that turn into sustainable innovative products to trade in a digital ecosystem.

SOL Principles:

#1 Tools-Enabled: Empowered to Create. All beings are able to create and re-create conditions to live well.

#2 Self-Realisation: Higher Needs. All beings have a need to involve in a discovery and a pursuit of a purpose.

#3 Ecosystem Thinking: Good for Me and Good for All. All beings fulfil their purpose when they benefit the ecosystem.

#4 Observation: Constant Stream of Ideas. All beings are able to discover ideas through observation of themselves and the world around them, and turn observations into valuable innovations.

#5 Value Exchange: Create and Trade Value. All beings are able to trade valuable innovations they create.

#6 Continuity: Re-Create What Works. All beings are able to adapt to change and re-create conditions that allow to live well.

Last updated: April 28, 2019.