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Achieving results from mission-driven work can take time and energy. Work with me, and I'll help you reach business goals with more clarity and enthusiasm.

I provide coaching and digital marketing strategy services to startup founders and PR/communication managers.

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I. Can you give an example of how you work?

If we're creating a marketing strategy for you, we take the following steps:

  • We look at the big picture: the purpose. We identify meaningful goals and marketing metrics.

  • We define a desired audience and strategic marketing messaging.

  • Lastly, we give you a simple process to develop trustful relationships with your audience online.

(Email me your question.)

II. What methods do you use in your work?

Our approach is a mix of human and technical strategies:

  • Strategic business and marketing planning (mission, vision, values, positioning, value proposition development, customer segmentation)

  • Inbound marketing (persona development; content marketing - blogs, ebooks, email, SEO, social media; landing pages and calls-to-actions)

  • Startup marketing (lean strategy, AARRR funnels, experiment design, agile, kanban)

  • Product marketing (jobs-to-be done, product and user research, design thinking)

  • Neuro-linguistic programming, coaching

  • Conversation between you and me (and your team)

III. How do we work together?

If you also live in Dublin, Ireland, we work face to face as well as virtually.

If you live anywhere GMT+5/-5, we communicate with simple tools for online collaboration: Skype/ for voice communication, Trello/Google Docs for task management, Email/Slack/messengers for text communication.

IV. What's your pricing?

Let's chat about your situation, and we'll make an estimation.

V. Can we talk?

Sure, just add a Skype meeting to our calendar here, and we'll connect.