taster, 9mins
Dec 2021

Symbiotic Creators LIVE

Participants mimic bacterias: experience how it feels to be without a brain, sense through the body and evolve together. A butterfly effect awaits: a process of going from a personal identity to synergy, from chaos to emergence to a whole that is bigger than its parts, mimicking the fundamental behaviour of living systems. What’s the point? When two people evolve together, the system mentality sparks ripple effects towards regenerative future in our human society.
workshop, 60mins
Nov 2021

Symbiotic Creativity

Symbiotic Creativity workshop on Zoom matches people for 1 hour to blend diversity and experience Intercitizenships! Participants experiment with identity and learn to mimic the behaviours of living systems: symbiotic bacterias. In groups of two, participants evolve to Synergy through a creative symbiosis process. People are invited to continue co-creating after the IAM conference through new technologies!

The Art of Exploration

Co-creating exploration based lessons with 3 teachers and a class of 11 y/olds

July - Sept 2021

Water Intelligence

Poems about transformation and collective intelligence.

Nov 2020 - Mar 2021


Multiple projects about regeneration.

Aug 2020 - Mar 2021

Creativity & Communities