Some steps are more useful than others. Walking will bring me to a local shop. Using Internet will bring me to the world. But I enjoy thinking about the world when I’m walking.

Sides II

When is time for improvement and when is time for experimentation?

After trying things out, it must be reflection time. What worked? What did not? What are our Goals? Obstacles?

Here you go. Now go on and improve. Choose different Actions.


Distance communication is so far away from face-to-face. Emoji is nothing like a hug. Blurry video doesn’t smile. Here is a small improvement for apps.

Touch a screen with a finger. Your friend does it too. Vibration like a sight.


What’s worth my time? All human and non-human problems. A collective wellbeing.

As many courses and projects I would do, I couldn’t solve these problems.

The only way is empowering other people to learn and do projects.

How to scale human empowerment then?


At times the angry birds bite me. I feel bad. The angry birds do too!

Bad : Bad.

If I respond nicely, I feel better.

Good : Bad.

If I respond nicely, the angry birds may feel nice now too!

Good : Good.

See? It makes sense to be nice.