Reflections from the student forum at Capra Course:

“When the being’s metabolism is at work, the being changes and learns. In the same way, the environment is changed, by what the being emits towards the environment.”

Pia at Capra course

Today I was thinking along the same lines – how I can be changed by the system or I can take an active role in the system and change it too. Butterfly effects! Simple example on my mind was new working environment, new community, neighbourhood, friends circles, etc. I can just be there and be flushed by the flow of social norms, behaviours, trends or I can participate actively and intervene, shape the flow with a minimum effort. It’s probably obvious, that we all have this power to interact with the environment, to change (not only be changed), but to me this thought today was quite empowering realisation! Interaction as a natural flow of life.

Celebrating randomness today!

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