I am curious about ideas of how diverse people can organise themselves into groups to pursue shared goals together.

Theme 1: Future of Work

  • Can work be done with no managers? (Holocracy)
  • How can people organise themselves and get tasks done effectively? Is there a limit of how many people to have in one group? (Remote work)
  • How can people from different cultures and disciplines collaborate effectively? What kind of organisational culture is inclusive to all cultures and disciplines? (Multi-culturalism and interdisciplinary collaboration)

Theme 2: Learning

  • Can people learn with no teachers? (Self-directed learning)
  • How to organise self-directed learning and share your knowledge with others in a useful way? How to discover expert mentors, peers and content with less information overload? (Content, Community)
  • Is it relevant to assess individual strengths and personality type before learning starts? How and how often to measure self-mastery of a particular skill? (Mastery)