Life Is

A draft of a reflection on “Living Systems Philosophy” seminar with Mansoor Vakili, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

“If Universe created humans, how come we’re creating activities that are against it…”



It seems to me that destruction is part of transformation process. So perhaps humans are going through personal transformation now, so that the minds evolve to a higher consciousness.

Let’s take a body pain as example. To me, a headache is always a signal to adjust my lifestyle/actions. So, what we’re seeing now in the world is a sea of signals to adjust our lifestyles.

Can transformation happen in some other way? … It can too, with more time, with millions of smooth transitions like water polishing the rock. A shift towards tiny smooth transformations is a transformation in itself.

Brain as Hub

I’m curious about Mansoor’s thought on “brain as a hub”. I don’t understand it yet, so I have no comments! Oh, I have questions. How come brain is a hub and not the entire body as a hub?

I’m exploring how gut is responsible for a human body wellbeing and how the wellbeing of the gut links with the brain. So, is brain the hub or the gut? Or …?


When I walked the other day, I thought about someone’s comment on “fish doesn’t know they’re in the water”. So, would we say that humans developed the brain to see the whole and then look after the whole?

Hmm, but how do we know that fish doesn’t know they’re in the water? I’d like to be careful of praising humans for their ‘awareness’. 🙂

Left and Right Brain

When I walked today, I thought about words we use, “right brain” and “left brain”, “linear” and “non-linear”. I enjoyed Ilaria’s comments in LSC Lab Hours that from neuroscience perspective there’s no “right and left brain”.

But also I’m curious about ideas that different parts of the brain are activated when we “think creatively” and “think analytically”. I did some course a while back on “Learning How To Learn” and it showed some graphics on that… Today I was thinking, I notice a difference when I need to approach a logical task with imagination or just by pure “lets do it fast” approach. In the course, they referred to these states as “focused” and “defocused brain state”, where defocused state is about making unexpected links in the brain that leads to unexpected insights/solutions, while focused state is about employing the brain to bring back the facts (from one of the memories we have, I don’t remember how they are called now).

So, my challenge to myself now is to use more of defocused states for logical tasks – say fixing a website error – by going for a walk first. 🙂


A cool take-away from the talk was a reflection on my question:

I discovered this question when writing MUTANTU comic book, and where I make links between climate change on Earth and heatwaves/inflammation in the human body. So, I was/am curious to explore, how this question can be tested at least as a thought/theory experiment.

Planetary Health

I appreciate the comments I got from LSC collabrarians. Tashka mentioned that ‘health’ can be measured through ‘homeostasis’. A new word for me! Ilaria mentioned that ‘human health leads to planetary health’ and shared some research links like “‘The Lancet Planetary Health‘”. This made me think that I could test the health of the microbiome of the soil and link that with the health of the microbiome of the human gut, to produce an insight of links (or non-links) between ‘health of Earth and Body and Bacteria’. (( I saw some soil testing kits on sale mentioned by Genspace at their upcoming online event on “Soil Analysis” ))

to be continued…

P.S. Did you notice I love walking?

Mind Changes

Reflections on Mansoor Vakili talk on Living Systems Philosophy, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

Can we imagine that the collaborating networks are the seeds and hubs of the human intellectual network? …and that they have enough potential to internalize, enrich, simplify, and visualize this transformation process, and bring it to the world? How does this connect to your project and your work?

Living Systems Collaboratory

Hmm, yes and no. It’s both. Human networks and human bodies with a mind that moves a collaborative hand.

Hmm, actually, it seems I realised now that solo time is on a feedback loop with a collective time. Both feed one another.

Reflecting in a diary, friending all ways of thinking and feeling from within.

Swimming in the collective time, so that solo time is on a creative energy wave.

Solo Adventures

I feel like a diary is the way to nurture our mind as a non-linear loving portal to experiencing a collective dance of ideas that come on a fast-forward time mode from the ocean of intelligence of humans.

I feel like prototyping is a self-organised (personal) transformation process we all seek. The one that gives space for our mind to self-organise and open up for a creative, non-linear thought.

I feel like being observant is the way, to human mind and the body, to other minds and the bodies, to nature, its beauty with all of its minds and bodies! “Working with the Heart, not the Mind” always feels so much easier and “going out and coming back with a Question!” makes me remember Beautiful Questions.

In my project, MUTANTU book, a character goes from the struggles of perfection, order, solo effort, feeling the Fear to the adventures of a superhero playing with uncertainty, randomness, spontaneous cooperation on creative projects and feeling the Love. My project is a diary too that encourages to be observant to one’s thoughts, others and nature. So it’s kind of “self-organise yourself” type of guidebook with a humorous twist.


I felt like today’s talk was on Transformation from both sides: from the mind, the body, to the human networks while the mind is also shifting itself and the human network at the same time, because we’re part of one culture.

Solo and Collective in fact coexist! So, I have one more project, a SAME community, that explores questions like I asked today:

How could we spark spontaneous synergy moments and make it a cultural norm?

How can social systems of humans use “fractal-ing”? Say, how would communities behave as fractals?

How do we sync with those who may be invisible in the network?

If transformation happens in mind+brain first, so what mental models do humans need to learn to move into non-linear world? Can we imagine education and work systems adopting these mental models?

Nothing is ever complete, just a fusion of linear and non-linear thinking, curiosity and conversation, bridging in general.

Perfect for the end of the year.


“No one likes to change or to be changed”, I heard years ago. But hey, we change every day. Just look up your nails and hair! Growing. Day by day.

What about ‘transformation’? A scary word suggesting transformers. Or butterflies and caterpillars.

We forget how we transform a few times during a lifetime. Our bodies expand and shrink when we age.

Our values, habits, behaviours change get a new shape. Any better word than ‘transform’ fits such a ‘change’?