Realising that nothing makes sense; visions are not true; impossible to help everyone; help does not make sense just a response; every- is not how life works; everything there is is making leaps, shortcuts towards super specific dreams.


O kodėl svarbu visiems kurti (produktus ir paslaugas)?

O gi tam, kad susipažinti su procesu. Iš kur idėjos atsiranda, kaip jos formuoja mano ir tavo elgseną, ir poveikį aplinkai?

Šiuos įrankius galima išmokti. Nauda tiek tau, tiek ir Žemės rutuliui netrukus!


Self-organisation was interesting to me for a long time when experimenting with personal development. But these days I look for inspiration elsewhere and everywhere.

How do self-organised organisms work? What conditions are needed? When these are better than top-down organised systems?

This is quite an important question to me as I believe that self-direction promotes construction and thus meaningful life for all.


Self-structure is important. Especialy when we use computers daily – to learn, work, get inspired, generate ideas, communicate, do work again, reflect, create.

So much knowledge there, like an inner innovation playground. Most of the things we do we forget or simply don’t capture at all.

What if we would capture some more? Would you like to see and know your interests over time? What influences your thinking and doing? And feeling! What topics have you explored since you started using a computer/phone? What projects have you worked on? Where’s your personal icebox [an archive]? I would certainly would love to know all that.


If I agree that nature is an inspiration, how does it apply to human life? I think human beings differ from other beings in their imagination and follow up activity. Imagination is sparked by our experiences. Explore more. Then create. Solo. Together. Co-create for the Earth. What I’m not sure about is Solo. Does solo creation happen before (if we are always shaped by experiences..)? Or can we co-create straight away? How would co-diary work? Co-creation is a most meaningful way to be, so why not allow it to be?