Reflections from the student forum at Capra Course:

I love how Fritjof framed Power as essential feature in society.

I feel inspired and so I’d like to share a reflection prompt:

How might we take the power from the living systems that we are and share our authenticity on social networks? Who knows a larger system may shape its course like a butterfly flapping wings changes everything!



Some dig looking for the roots while others climb to ripe the fruits.

Tree trunk laughs:
I’m not your playground!
I have fruits to grow.
I’m a tree, you fool!

Oh, – human. – Mind!


Kai vaikštinėju, pasvajoju. Kiek naujovių! O galėtų būti ir dar daugiau… Bet šiek tiek kita linkme. Kita vertybių sistema.

O kokia ta sistema?

Kai vaikščioju miške, džiaugiuosi harmonija. Kiekvieno augalo buvimu, bet ir visumos tėkme.

O kaip yra žmonėse? Kurgi ta darna, su savimi, tiek su kitu, tiek su visuma.

O gi, tėkmėje!


How important it is to involve in an activity of determining your own values. Because – that’s how we trust the world, by starting to trust oneselves. From trust comes a willingness to collaborate, rather than fight, literally.

Values determination comes from observation.
Plus, time.

Give the world tools to observe and some time.
Would a world evolve to a better place to be?


Ethics is a common topic in business and in technology. What are ethics? It’s a personal question, first.

Making myself (and/or others) better vs. Making myself (and/or others) worse.

The challenge is – ecosystems we live in are so complex and complicated, so that in most moments we cannot answer this question.

How might we simplify? Why complicate?