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Birthing ideas

I love thinking and learning. Here, you’ll find my stream of consciousness recorded as audios from forest walks, random sketches on my phone and research notes. Enjoy!

Thinking hobby

For years I play with a sort of philosophy where I ask a question and answer it to myself, as an audio, as a sketch, as a sentence or a short poem. What a weird hobby I have!

Notes from my forest walks!


Response to a student forum at Capra Course: RE health of organisation: my understanding so far is – we as


Inspired by Capra Course A network of bacteria influence rates of chemical reactions on earth (soil, atmosphere,..) … like enzymes


Reflections from the student forum at Capra Course: I love how Fritjof framed Power as essential feature in society. I

Webs and webs and webs

From the students forum at Capra Course: A friend’s challenge: ‘can you summarize the Systems View of Life in one


Notes from Capra Course Disease is a response, as a psychological, social etc … Health = when living organism functions


Reflections from the student forum at Capra Course: “When the being’s metabolism is at work, the being changes and learns.


Why self-organisation is not trending yet?


Reflections from the student forum at Capra Course: Wellbeing as a network of diverse resources & a circulation of resources.


Reflections from students forum at Capra Course: Un-learning is a big part in learning – like composting to make space


Min energy. Max grace. Brian Goodwin Hack! Transforming a feeling into a pause. Situation with the least resistance.


Spontaneous emergence of new forms of order. When the energy of the flow increases, it may happen that the system


Cell as a whirlpool – a stable structure with matter and energy continually flowing through it. (Section 8.3) Capra course


Enough Disturbances in an Open System (that we all are) create Break-Throughs (emergence to a new order) instead of Break-Downs.

Learning Systems

All living systems are learning systems; Life as a pattern of relationships; a self-generating network within a boundary of its own making;


This post is part of my exploration of Living Systems: Chaos. Few months ago, I was wondering about fractals. Today


I continue to explore Living Systems philosophy based on Mansoor Vakili’s thinking. Here are my current questions. Questions, Part One:


Sharing at the final Living Systems Collaboratory session

Life Is

“If Universe created humans, how come we’re creating activities that are against it…” Mansoor Transformations It seems to me that

Life as Systems

I love collecting words and blending them together. Here’s a collection from Fritjof Capra’s talk on Systems Thinking: “Everything is

The Poetry of Data

Outfits The seminar felt like a rhythm that fuels life. A sequence of transformations. I loved seeing data becoming a


Reflections on Fractals: The Colour of Infinity movie, part of Living Systems Collaboratory. Main Ideas Overall, Fractals seem to be

Virtual Plays

Reflection on Virtual Reality in Theatre talk by Kiira Benzing, part of Living Systems Collaboratory. I loved the idea of

Mind Changes

Reflections on “Living Systems Philosophy” lecture by Mansoor Vakili, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

The Natural Ways

Reflections on “Symbiotic Earth” movie, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

Dream Worlds

Reflections on Speculative Design lecture by John Crawford, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

On Life

Reflections on “Living Systems” lecture by Mansoor Vakili, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.