About Ruta (Danyte) Jakute

Hey, I’m Ruta, a website designer and facilitator in Lithuania and Ireland.

I’m passionate about empowering people to create something out of nothing.

I offer people a blended toolkit – rational methods like design sprint, learn startup, agile and creative tools like objects, role-play, embodiment, reflection, and more.


Inspired by nature, I support the ideas of regeneration (as the planet, as the human body) and systems thinking.


My reconnection with nature started in 2018 through relocation from the city where I lived since 2010 (Dublin, IE) to countryside (West Cork, IE).

Now I promote a slower lifestyle and hybrid remote work, while being based between the forest and the city (in Lithuania). I live with 2 white doggies and a plant lover, surrounded by the forest, river and neighbours!



how to coexist


how to connect


how people develop

Business & Tech

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People Development

I experiment with my own personal development since 2008. And I explore general tools that everyone could use to develop themselves.
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Business & Technology

I’m self-taught in Web Design but also influenced by the latest models of growing a business like Lean Startup, Agile, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, and the latest trend – Biomimicry and All-Life Centric Design (see my interest in Living Systems).
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