Here are some things I know about (I think) that help communicate ideas and grow ventures. Perhaps these will be useful to you too?


Communication planning

Build a website: Squarespace, WordPress,,

Establish a contact list with “Email Marketing”:

Bring your website to google results with “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)”:,

Communicate your message with “Content Marketing”:

Write to appeal to your audience with “Copywriting”:

Customer research

Decide who your customers are with “Jobs To Be Done” and “Value Proposition Map” frameworks:

Learn about the needs of your audience with “Customer Development” interviews:

Organise a team to share ideas for product improvements with “Design Thinking” methodology:

View the world as your potential customer with “Persona” communication tool:



Market research

Get data to see how many people are searching for your type of product with “Google Keyword Research” tool:

Estimate how big your market is with “TAM, SAM, SOM” framework:

Marketing analytics

Get a simple picture of what metrics to measure and when with “AAARR” startup metrics framework:

Measure your website performance with Google Analytics:

Understand when to change marketing tactics and website with “Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)”:,

Test changes you make to your website with “A/B Testing”:



Product development

Adopt a modern approach to building new products with “Product Management”:,

Find out more about the needs of your customers with “User Research”:

Get feedback on your product idea with visual tools “Wireframing” and “Prototyping”:,

Scale your business with a product-led approach:,,

Stay mindful about how you use knowledge, know-how and customers data with “Ethical Design”:


Create a habit to plan, prioritise and test your activities with “Growth Experiments”:

Set actionable goals with “Objectives and Key Results (OKR)” framework:

Speed up how you get things done with “Kanban” and “Agile” methodologies:,,

Track your tasks on laptop and phone:,



Sales and Customer Support

Provide a helpful support to your customers with “Customer Success”:

Structure sales into a process:,


Adopt a modern approach to creating a business strategy:,