Tech Toys

It’s easy to get lost in buzzwords. IoT, VR, AR, AI, ML. Growth hacking, inbound marketing, data-driven. Innovation, experimentation, ideation. Agile, kanban, lean, scrum. The list goes on. It does not matter what is your day to day job, you get bombarded with messages.

Being someone who helps people communicate ideas, I often wonder. Is all buzzword battle purposeful? What we cannot understand, we often believe to be true.

No one wants to admit that ‘they don’t know’ and honestly say: “No, I have no idea what’s the next buzzword about, really.”

Confusion takes attention away. Distraction boosts stress. We run on inertia with eyes and ears shut. We follow the crowd.

When was the last time when you stopped to listen to your heart? When mind is bombarded, perhaps the heart is the only one to listen.

I got a good lesson when working with educators years ago. “Technology is a tool.” Technology is a tool. It is often a toy. Some [investors] say that the next “big thing” will be a toy. Although, if we keep on chasing the next shiny toy, when do we get things done and solve problems of the world?

Don’t run away just yet. I did not mean to make your eyebrows go up. No need to make that look. I know that “not everyone wants to change the world”. “People want easy.” “Cookie content”, as we, marketers say.

If you want a cookie, here’s one:

Start with your goals. Why do we do what we do?
Then, explore the tools. What toys are useful to get things done?

And now, breathe in. Exhale. Go ahead and live your day.

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