I woke up and felt tired. But it’s Saturday morning! Oh, well. My phone was bombarding my hand and my mind. Airplane mode, I thought. But it was deeper.

I feel an urge to connect, share, collaborate, preach. Some sort of force buzzing me “it’s pandemic! we need to get together!” In that exact moment, I feel like retreating. When was the last time I reflected? And what was the outcome of all the connectivity during pandemic? Did I learn anything new? Did I do anything differently? Or was I floating within a sea of emotions?

Winter time is often a down-time for me. I enjoy feeling down in a way. Because after each down-time, comes up-time. After each dive inward, comes a tiny gem, like a seed, that grows, overtime.

So I felt a need to switch off. I don’t know for how long. But thinking about my button “off” made me feel “on” again.


Doing a task as required is easy. Have I tried looking behind a task and finding a better way to reach a goal? Oh, I just wasted 3 hours on doing a task!


If I agree that nature is an inspiration, how does it apply to human life? I think human beings differ from other beings in their imagination and follow up activity. Imagination is sparked by our experiences. Explore more. Then create. Solo. Together. Co-create for the Earth. What I’m not sure about is Solo. Does solo creation happen before (if we are always shaped by experiences..)? Or can we co-create straight away? How would co-diary work? Co-creation is a most meaningful way to be, so why not allow it to be?


How to learn to be flexible?
But does being need to be learned?
Just be.

And how does being flexible work?

Bend one direction and the other, all of them. Bend but stay still grounded. Bending does not change the root!


Realising that nothing makes sense; visions are not true; impossible to help everyone; help does not make sense just a response; every- is not how life works; everything there is is making leaps, shortcuts towards super specific dreams.