Creativity to me is letting ideas flow. But here is the problem. Creativity often breeds random ideas and metaphors. Sometimes they simply don’t make sense. And, good writing does make sense. “Good writing is memorable,” ~ poetry teacher.

The question is, how to let your creativity flow and still make sense.

Update on 25th: 

I noticed how my ideas change based on the input. Let’s say I provide feedback to someone on their ideas. Then, I instantly notice how the advice I just gave applies to ideas of my own. Interesting!

So what did I learn?

Creativity is useful when a metaphor or idea helps to communicate a message to the audience. If the creative part confuses people, change it so that it provides clarity.

Always seek out to give feedback and ask for feedback.

Perception vs Conception

Observation is key for invention which comes from design not arts.”

“I used to make things to please people, but now I make things that please me and that are true to myself, and then those things find people who think the same as me..”

“Being an influence as an artist is more important than how great artist you are.”

“… have confidence in their own vision, being tru-est to yourself, focused commitment to what they do.”

“Things can be done only at a certain time. We cannot repeat 60ies. Everything has its time. Things are specific to a particular moment. E.g. you cannot be radical now. What would you be radical about? Everything is happening simultaneously now. It is hard to operate as an artist now.”

“Many young students don’t make anything. But they take things that were made [before] for granted.”

“We are now in a social revolution, creating whole new aesthetics.”

“Art: try anything you want. Art said Yes while other disciplines said No,”

Michael Craig-Martin talk at TCD