TL;DR: Thoughts on how to navigate the environment when experiencing uncertainty.

Do you recall that moment when you think you know what you’re doing and suddenly you get scared? If you’re involved in a creative process of taking ideas out of your head and putting it out there so that the world can see it and provide you with feedback, you probably do. Welcome to the insecure zone of letting the old beliefs go.

Uncertainty is often overwhelming, sometimes scary. The natural way to deal with this new sensation would be to run and hide. But don’t run away just yet. One book says that “being a CEO of an organisation is going against nature” because you have to constantly do what you’re not comfortable with: look for and deal with the danger instead of staying in the safety zone for survival.

It’s natural to feel the fear when feeling insecure. Does knowing help? Quotes as this give us comfort. That’s all. We know we’re not alone. But we still have to deal with our new reality.

How to deal with uncertainty

To me, writing helps. I ask three questions and instantly get more certainty:

1) Where am I right now?
2) Where am I going?
3) Then, make a turn.

The hardest is to be clear about ‘where am I going?’. But the direction is essential. When dealing with chaos, how do you know you’ve reached the destination if you keep on spinning, turning one way or the other? Are you going in circles? The direction will tell.

Ask yourself:

Why do we exist?
How does the world look like when the mission is achieved?

In other words, no matter if you’re an established organisation, a startup company or an individual, figure out your mission and vision.

Your first response may be ‘no idea’. Although, your ‘inner GPS’ is the only way to deal with our chaotic world. If you don’t know what you strive for, who does?

Write and check-in with your ‘inner GPS’.