Life as Systems

Reflection on “The Systems View of Life” seminar with Fritjof Capra, part of Living Systems Collaboratory.

I love collecting words and blending them together. Here’s a collection from Fritjof Capra’s talk on Systems Thinking: “Everything is a self-organised system”, “Thinking in relationships and patterns, not things”, “Cooperative Dance”.

Conversations Spark Movements

Fritjof gave a brief intro on systems thinking as a blend of science, indigenous knowledge and arts, which was born in 1920 when biologists, psychologists, ecologists had a conversation.

That makes me wonder what would happen if more of such inter-disciplinary conversations would happen now? The power of conversations!

Pattern for Human Cooperation

The main idea of the talk was about shifting from seeing parts to patterns. Because the whole is more than its parts.

One way to look at this idea is to see similarities between disciplines and projects, and such to develop a generalist’s mind who sees a big picture rather than a specialist narrow mindset.

On a meta level, all disciplines are the same. With 0oo project, we aim to showcase links between disciplines through a simple pattern for human cooperation. What is it? It’s as simple as Question, Idea, Project. Sounds so basic, right? A basic rhythm? 🙂

Life can be overwhelming in these digital times. But with a mental model of questioning, ideating and creating, life welcomes a natural creative flow into a routine.

Network Mindset

I loved how F. Capra defines “mind as a process”. Here at 0oo we question, how can people from different cultures play a coherent (thinking) dance?

Like hundreds of people play a different instrument but together they are part of one concert, is it possible for inter-disciplinary collaborations?

“Mind is a process, not a Thing.

Mind is a mental activity.

The process of knowing is the process of Life.”

Fritjof Capra

Sure it is if we remember a basic rhythm of Questions, Ideas and Projects. Moreover, what happens if we put this exercise into a technology interface?

More so, what happens if people are encouraged to develop a creative (networked) mind? Just click everywhere and explore, and you will see how the world is connected.

New 0oo name and look

Caring for Fellow Cells

F. Capra looked at everything as a system with examples of cells being produced, repaired and regenerated by the Living Network.

Here, I imagine how 0oo community members would be looked after within the network. Overall, 0oo is a mutual human-to-human help system. We’ve thought of how a credit score (collected through online collaborations) going to minus indicates that a member needs someone to fund them, so that they get back to “balance”.

Community Interactions

“Each cell is a cognitive system,” repeats Fritjof. I wonder what can we learn from cells? With SAME community, we explore how each member is like a cell part of a larger whole (a community).

But wait! It’s not about “parts” but “patterns”! So, I noticed how members’ interactions fuel the community. Dance of Life.

Ideas Shape Culture

Obviously, I loved F. Capra comments on how social networks generate themselves, generate ideas and shape culture. That’s what we aim for with 0oo project, to be a space where culture shapes itself organically among world’s cultures and disciplines.

Ideas shaping culture relates so much with my work in general (KOKONO). I deeply believe that “human” is unique in its ability to create ideas and organise communities that shape our culture. (Have you read my Banana Break on that?) There’s space for everyone to ideate and create together!

Communities Regenerate Life

Guess what, I asked F. Capra a question: “What conditions are needed to welcome Regeneration in Society?” He said “life itself is regenerative. Networks regenerate. Sustaining life equals regenerating life. Engaging with regenerative activities, i.e. understanding of Life as a Living System”.

“How does nature sustain Life? By creating communities and maintaining communities (bacterial colonies).”

Fritjof Capra

Create and nurture communities. Be a web! “Be an octopus” ~ MUTANTU. 🙂

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