Storytelling ABC

I attended the Oral Storytelling workshop with a colorful Heidi Dahlsveen last weekend. How was it? Well, imagine 3 days in nature with 15 people and 40 storytelling exercises: solo, in pairs, in the group of 15/3/4, swapping pairs all the time. After a rollercoaster, I was really entertained by the process of taking folk tales and transforming them into clickbait stories.

Here’s what I learned.


  • Take a real memory and blend it with an imaginary story, which makes a story feel like wow!
  • Fake stories always need a personal connection to them.
  • Listener activates. A story comes from the mouth when someone sits and listens!
  • Any Folk Tale can be used as bones of the story. Then just change things. Simply add your type of characters, change where action happens, etc. and tell the story you want to tell!
  • Stories are like a good meal. Add Spices + Emotions and always make stories more emotional/more contrast than they were in reality.
  • Anyone can tell a story. Try this: Remember your morning routine? Now  tell it this way: Real morning routine plus 1 unexpected magical fake thing that happened.

… to be continued …

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