Self-Discovery through Nature

It’s funny. I love exploring so much. Talking when walking, thoughts always jumping! So much excitement that I forget to pause. Until – boom! I notice something. A pattern I haven’t seen before.

This autumn, when seasons change, I felt a change budding inside myself.

I realised my quest on following “How Might We Co-Exist?” has ended. Yes, the same question I was following since 2018, when we hit the road and left the bee life in Dublin (IE). It’s 2022. But it feels like an entire lifetime has passed.


I arrived: “Symbiosis“. That’s how I call this stage of my life. A feeling of togetherness, interdependence, partnerships, evolving together.

But I couldn’t spot the new identity in my skin. Well, I thank my new shiny toy – digital wardrobe app – that gave me a hint. It turns out, I’m all covered in nature. Patterns after patterns reminding me my true nature throughout the day.

Oh, hi nature!

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