Reflection on Carol Sanford talk on Regeneration at Trimtab Spacecamp (BFI) where I participate with a project 0oo

Trimtab Spacecamp with Carol Sanford

Definition of Regeneration

What is Regeneration? Carol is asking.. To me, a word “regeneration” sounds like “re-generate” and thus something that is continuing to live, on repeat. I imagine a sun shining, continuing to live, in its own cycles. Waves crashing, coming and going, in its own rhythms. Then regeneration in my life is about tuning into my own rhythm and purpose. And perhaps that’s what Regeneration means in general. Tuning into rhythm and purpose.

Regeneration happens when we Evolve Capacity for Essence Expression via Self-Actualization. We seek to evolve capacity not of the doing, but the ability to express what it is that makes each living entity itself in the capacity it needs to represent.

Carol Sanford

I agree with Carol’s view on regeneration as in this quote above. That’s why I do what I do. But I want to add on top and in between a network as a layer. Through my life experimentation, I realised that collaboration, interaction, symbiosis is indeed essential for a meaningful life. And in fact interaction often (if not always) drives “capacity”.

Principles of Living Systems

Whole: we tend to fragment and see parts

Essence: essence is; you have essence that is revealed

Potential: comes from distinct opportunity for essence to express itself

Development: bringing more of 1, 2, 3

Nested: seeing dynamics of all worlds

Nodal: asking what’s the key intervention

Fields: energy fields

Carol Sanford

Questioning Principles

How does “Whole Principle” apply to the idea of Symbiosis (as a metaphor for collaboration vs solo creation)? Perhaps true co-creation can only happen when all parts show up as wholes… Hmm!

What kind of education programme would not fragment but reveal “the whole”? To me, it sounds like self-directed lifelong learning, exploring freely and widely, and at the same time creating an ecosystem as “Personal Learning Network” that becomes a platform for projects’ birth.

Trimtab is a metaphor to be nodal and think where to intervene, by expressing their essence and such creating butterfly effects.

Amanda Joy

If you had one shot, where would you shoot? I’m not sure. I think life is not one shot, but a dance of order and chaos, and shooting in many places increase a chance for more seeds. Also, mixing different disciplines breed new ideas. I’d rephrase this as “After you’re shooting everywhere while creating your ecosystem, where do you zoom in?” which is about a process of exploring widely and then zooming into specific projects for impact. Maybe that.

Watching Words

Whole is not the same as its parts. But if you don’t categorise, you can’t manage it all. Nothing is differentiated from itself. The world of big data. So you make generic categories. But this leads to our inability to see potential. If you say problem solving, that means you’re working with fragments and not wholes. See how our language reveals our thinking?

Carol Sanford

Well, here, let me reflect on 0oo project as it is a Mission at this Trimtab Spacecamp.

Yes, indeed, our language reveals our thinking. 0oo is a collection of thoughts by world’s humans. Everyone is encouraged to write clearly, so that people from diverse cultures and disciplines can understand each other. More so, each research question, idea or a project can be discussed, so that clarity is reached at all levels in the journey of bringing new ideas to the world. 0oo also facilitates multi-cultural understanding through machine and human translations. Whatever you share (questions, ideas, projects, comments) on 0oo, it’s automatically translated from English to Chinese, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian and Earth Language (symbols). People can edit translations for more accuracy by simply clicking “edit”.

Regeneration through 0oo


0oo helps everyone to work with individual wholes and collective wholes. Simply enter a journey of expressing your essence while sharing questions that spark your curiosity, collecting ideas from your mind and the crowd, and seeing projects unfold that turn your essence into fruits.

0oo helps people to navigate information overload while focusing on general categories that summarise the world’s processes – Questions, Ideas, Projects. There are more general categories, if you’re feeling geeky!

Essence, Potential, Development

To sum up, all humans could express their essence and benefit the individual and collective whole, in a living networked system, which is natural. This living system is not a current “work” or “business” environment. 0oo proposes Internet as a living system for this whole-essence-actualisation to happen.


It seems to me, “think nodally” is about the key obstacle as in design sprint. Or like a fractal thing, a min. effort. A trimtab, right.

So here 0oo offers a “nodal moment” for everyone. The min.intervention is your commentary about questions that matter to you. And you can make that comment straight away. 🙂

Regeneration as Rhythm and Purpose

I described my definition of Regeneration at the start of this post. To me, regeneration it seems to be about everyone tuning into their rhythm and purpose.

But more so, 0oo helps all humans tune into one rhythm like a heartbeat. Simply, by sharing Questions, Ideas, Projects (see the rhythm?) and involving into a commentary about that. Whatever is purposeful to you, you can find it on 0oo. If it isn’t there yet, it’s your purpose to start a conversation about it.

“Question Your Methods”

Carol Sanford

Interacting with Your Own Mind

I’ll finish up with Carol’s comment on motivation (“We come with motivation, and we seek motives to connect to”). During her talk she repeated “Interact with your own mind”, so I invite you, my reader, to do just that, to interact with your own mind and phrase a question that troubles your sleep.

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