The world is so uncertain these days. I think someone else’s thought and reply in my mind – was it ever certain?

I notice how I enjoy questions. So many friendships have started this way. But there’s more to that.

Questions to me work as a safety bubble. A way to trust the world, because I trust myself. What other tool gives a lasting trust if not a simple act of turning a problem into a question, and then looking for information, doing projects to try things out and find your answers.

Here I mentioned a tip. Did you notice?


How might we navigate better?


(2019) Observation: Life is both, chaos and order.

How might we explore natural patterns through deep work?
What’s an easy way to organise a self-directed learning journey and production of knowledge?

How might we co-exist?


(2019) Observation: Bacterias live in our stomachs. Bacterias live all around us.

How do people grow?


(2008) Observation: Some people destruct themselves.

How do ideas spread?


(2008) Observation: Some products are not good for health.