I remember about a few years ago I typed a question on my website. “How might we co-exist?” I asked. I felt an urge inside me to open my mouth and phrase that question. I felt an inner disconnect, an invisible wall.

Lately, it seems, I’m on a wave that shows the way for this question to transform into ideas.


In deep winter of November, when I watched ‘Symbiotic Earth’ movie about life of microbiologist Lynn Margulis, I changed. I realised that togetherness is the way. A famous quote by Buckminster Fuller on Synergy suddenly made sense.

I recall a new project birthing back then. You are a circle. I am one too. Together, we’re a butterfly! I drew to my new cocreator from the virtual world. Our project was born just like that, when our beings collided and the butterfly body formed around our shared interests.

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