One to Many

Did you know that all the teas, black, green, white, come from the same plant? One ingredient. That’s right. Google it. See? It seems that product development in the food industry is built on the idea “one to many”. One ingredient sparks many products, brands, markets.

In the digital technology industry, this main ingredient is knowledge or data. Data can be reused and mixed together to create new products and entire markets. Although the reason to create and market a new product differs in technology. In the food sector, we buy expensive green tea because it says it’s from an ancient Chinese farm. We pay more to support this story. We pay more to entertain ourselves. We pay for a brand. While when creating new technologies, we think about the functionality of the product first, not the brand. We see technologies as tools. (Anyone got an app recently because it told a story? Well, not really. We download apps because we need tools. We use it if it works. We delete it if it does not do what it supposed to do.)

So, is it possible to plan digital products the same way as food products? Technology industry is too young yet to provide insights on what products people use and what needs they may have in future. Technology products grow because they provide great user [customer] experience, while food products grow because they tell great stories.

Is branding valuable for tech products then? As much as it helps to communicate company values and express them through design. That’s social responsibility for tech companies too.

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