I woke up and felt tired. But it’s Saturday morning! Oh, well. My phone was bombarding my hand and my mind. Airplane mode, I thought. But it was deeper.

I feel an urge to connect, share, collaborate, preach. Some sort of force buzzing me “it’s pandemic! we need to get together!” In that exact moment, I feel like retreating. When was the last time I reflected? And what was the outcome of all the connectivity during pandemic? Did I learn anything new? Did I do anything differently? Or was I floating within a sea of emotions?

Winter time is often a down-time for me. I enjoy feeling down in a way. Because after each down-time, comes up-time. After each dive inward, comes a tiny gem, like a seed, that grows, overtime.

So I felt a need to switch off. I don’t know for how long. But thinking about my button “off” made me feel “on” again.