My Garden of Connections

I noticed how words of connections, networking, idea coffees, community, relationships, systems were all filling me up from within right before the year of 2023 has ended, when I was coming back from Berlin to Vilnius. It seemed like a part of me from the past has returned to the present me. Well, hello the Campaigner’s hat!

This year is already starting with the vibe of connectivity.

3 new communities sparking. One virtual about change making. The other virtual about place making. One more a real one, a local one! Plus, a project of Community Dialogues Vol.2 has kicked off.

I view all these adventures as a garden. The seeds are planted. All will sprout at a different time and grow at a different rate.

Questions in my mind unfolding

As I walk in the forest, I capture snapshots of my reflections for each project:

  • Impact Measurement: “If I think backwards, how to measure new connections formed in a new community after 6 months?” (freelance work project, in-person)
  • Place Making: “How to co-create a local community, where to even start if the place is quite vast?” (hobby, in-person) Mapping the local sights was a good advice from my neighbour!
  • Horizontal Community: “How to spark a community without being a centre?” (hobby, virtual) We have started with feedback loop from people before creating a community. Let’s see!
  • Community Boundaries: “Who should be invited to a community when we have no boundary?” (entrepreneurial project, virtual)

What’s more interesting that having multiple similar community-related projects in different locations benefit each other. What I learn in one, I apply in another.

Overall, I’m excited what else this year will bring. How else I’d like to practise living systems thinking this year…

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