Fruitful Collaborations

I wonder, what glues people together. Why some collaborations work, while others do not? I guess the same things as in any relationships apply.

It’s not about the what part like doing things together, but what glues people together is the feeling, the how part (the links between each others).

Overlapping our Worlds. Checking in and inquiring about each others worlds makes a common ground. Being curious about each other, how’s each other’s day, health, creativity, lifestyle, family, hobbies, etc, and look – our lives overlap!

Directly Opening Up: Heartfully Saying How It Is or What’s Needed. I feel that one of the hardest things in any relationship is openess. But when this threshold is crossed, it really glues people into bonded teams and partnerships. It’s about being open to share and say from the heart how it is; almost being punchy to ask for help or for feedback, without expecting that the other person will guess what’s on my mind. Guesses never work, haha.

Being in the Space. Timespace in the day (or virtual channel) to be together and share, really be there on-line or face-to-face, and togetherness somehow becomes a habit…

Celebrating Together. Appreciating one another, thanking each other and celebrating together when project or life milestones do happen (and also when not!).

Yeah, I thought about this while staring at these tiny fruits elegantly hanging in the air!

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