Fashion as Social Impact

Fashion is alive; it’s not a thing. Fashion is a performance art happening on the street.

I cannot explain what got me so happy and curious about fashion. It’s just one of the few things that make my mind completely switch off.

But there’s more to that.

When the new year kicked off, I was in the shop. In fact, I was in the popular grocery chain. A shop where people buy bread and potatoes.

“Well, hello,” I was greated by the voice behind my back. I turned around. A smile. An innocent smile from a woman with long grey hair. A shop assistant. “I love your style,” she almost shouted: “Those colours! I love colours, too!!”

“Well, how about you dress in colour, too?”

We both smiled. Feeling like we both belong to the same tribe.

What else a social impact is, if not an unexpected performance that comes out out of the garmet covering my body, when I’m buying groceries?

I wonder what will happen to that woman when she will immerse herself in colour again. And what will happen to the ones who will see her performing.

“You cannot change the system, you can only disturb it,” I recall system thinkers.

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