Ecology, what?

Last week I co-hosted a workshop on exploring ecology from 2 unusual angles: human relationships and playful eco-anxiety.

What is your ecosystem like?

In “Maps of Relationships” workshop, we explored the concept of ecology from a point of view of human relationships. Cardboard boxes became the territory where the networks were woven with pins and threads to showcase how many and what kind of connections each of us have. This experiential session invited participants to reflect on the following questions:

  • What kind of ecosystem creators are we?
  • Do we live in bubbles? Any opportunities to connect people from the edges of our network?
  • How do we weave our connections? Do we tend to initiate new connections and keeping in touch? Or do we wait until someone else from our network will remember us? What kind of relationships exist in our network? (Mutually beneficial or one way?)
  • What kind of relationship we have with a more-than-human world and other species?
  • What kind of needs do we have about relationships and connectivity? Do we seek a pause from networking? Or perhaps the opposite – do we sense a need of expanding our networks into new territories?

Workshop ignited participants to experiment: introduce our acquintances through a spontaneous idea coffee!

What do we do ecologically but we are ashamed to share?

“Hopeless Activists” workshop created a space to explore eco-anxiety together with others through play:

  • With a chorus “YES, Me Too!!” participants released emotions and celebrated small actions we all already take in pursuing an ecological lifestyle (and without a shame admitting to one selves and others what weird things we do to stay eco, like showering not everyday!)
  • Opening a safe space to discuss difficult ecological questions in pods of 3-4 participants. Nudging each others to take baby steps in facing daily eco challenges through creativity.
  • As a wrap up, we have signed a manifesto of ecological values and bright future we want to pursue.

Thanks my co-creators Egle Gudonytė, Karolina Žernytė, Aurelija Plūkė, Saulė Norkutė from Kūrybinės jungtys creators community and arts agency Artscape (Stefanija Paulauskaitė) for hosting our playful exploration of ecology!

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