Thinking with Hands


When I lived in Ireland, I used to facilitate workshops for communities. We called these sessions ‘sprints on local problems’ (from the famous list of Sustainable Development Goals: 17 SDGs).

What a drum roll in the heart! Just imagine people from all sort of backgrounds (design and tech newbies indeed) invent something meaningful for communities. This is quite an impact already.

The method used in community workshops with The Ladder in Ireland


But only when I worked in a school, I started to use physical objects in my workshops. And look – the magic is in the room when people hold sticky plasticine and random things from home like straws, stones and nails in their hands!

This week it was a 90 minutes intro to Design Thinking through role-play about social impact initiatives in local regions in Lithuania, as part of Kurybinės Jungtys project “Community Dialogues 2023“.

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