How to create a new brand?

Before we dig into steps, let’s consider that brands do not exist on their own. They exist in the system. Brands are attached to organisations and products, created by people.

Organisations exist because they have goals, described as Missions, which relate to Values of people who came together and decided to cooperate under one organisation.

Products have goals too. They answer the question: What specifically this product helps people to get done? We call it a Value Proposition.

Step 1 – Prepare

Create a word document and name it “Brief for my Company Brand”.

Client (You). Describe your company’s mission, values, value proposition, and people (Audiences) you want to communicate to with your brand.

Outcome. Consider that the end result of creating a brand is a Website that explains your organisational mission, values and your product value proposition. For the website, we will set a goal. We call it a Call to Action, which tells us what we want people to do when they interact with the brand. For example, we want X type of people to subscribe to our newsletter.

Step 2 – Create

Consider, how to move from having a mission, values, value proposition, audiences, website call to action, to having a website live?

Name. List all the ideas that relate to above. Choose one idea as your brand name.

Website look. Take a sheet of paper. Imagine how would your new brand look like on the website. Draw on paper what comes to mind. Write text from previous steps.

Tasks. [TBC]