Sides II

When is time for improvement and when is time for experimentation?

After trying things out, it must be reflection time. What worked? What did not? What are our Goals? Obstacles?

Here you go. Now go on and improve. Choose different Actions.


Kam mum reikalingas vidinis balsas?

O kas yra balsas? Kaita.

O kaip suprasti vidinį balsą? O čia ir prasideda įdomumai. Tikrai ne tiesiogiai! Verčiau jau kaip simbolius. O dėl reikšmės teks dar pasikapstyti.


Talento atskleidimas – tai vertybė ir galimybė.

Kokios yra sąlygos visiems žmonėms atsiskleisti moksle bei kūryboje? (Ne universitetų erdvėse)

Jei tokių salygų nėra, pafantazuokim, kokių salygų reikia?


What’s worth my time? All human and non-human problems. A collective wellbeing.

As many courses and projects I would do, I couldn’t solve these problems.

The only way is empowering other people to learn and do projects.

How to scale human empowerment then?


Self-organisation was interesting to me for a long time when experimenting with personal development. But these days I look for inspiration elsewhere and everywhere.

How do self-organised organisms work? What conditions are needed? When these are better than top-down organised systems?

This is quite an important question to me as I believe that self-direction promotes construction and thus meaningful life for all.