Some steps are more useful than others. Walking will bring me to a local shop. Using Internet will bring me to the world. But I enjoy thinking about the world when I’m walking.


O kodėl svarbu visiems kurti (produktus ir paslaugas)?

O gi tam, kad susipažinti su procesu. Iš kur idėjos atsiranda, kaip jos formuoja mano ir tavo elgseną, ir poveikį aplinkai?

Šiuos įrankius galima išmokti. Nauda tiek tau, tiek ir Žemės rutuliui netrukus!


If I were to pick one thing from the natural world, it’d be diversity. Snails are slow. Eagles sharp. Seals wet.

And humans vary too!

I’m only learning to accept a sea of personalities, abilities and strengths.


A cell is both, an individual and a part of an arm. And of the body.

Same with humans. We’re on our own but also a part of something bigger by default. A part of a human species. And of a planet Earth. And of the solar system. And of the universe.

And what’s awareness then? Maybe realising which role to play when. Different needs matter then.