One zero is complete. But two zeros are infinity. But infinity can have an infinite number of zeros.

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Safe space for inquiry is where development begins.

Key ingredients: Permission and the Rules.

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Zoom in and zoom out. Everything is a system. But how to create a tiny one?

Maybe drive an inspiration from a city or a car.

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Coexistence bothers me before sleep. What matters? Freedom and attention to the needs of those nearby.

Can + – really exist in one? Or perhaps what is needed is zoom out?

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Distance communication is so far away from face-to-face. Emoji is nothing like a hug. Blurry video doesn’t smile. Here is a small improvement for apps.

Touch a screen with a finger. Your friend does it too. Vibration like a sight.

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Ideas, products, businesses all start with emotions. Self-mastery type of work matters before ideation.

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What do we all secretely want? That someone listens with no advice, that someone shows how, that someone simply helps without asking for permission.

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Co-existence is never fulfilled solo. Because links is what create belonging. Just being. Just give. Balance it with just ask.

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Me and We

I seek independence. But I’m inside the ecosystem. Because that’s how life works.

So, how to navigate the ecosystem? Balance me vs we? Schedule.

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What’s worth my time? All human and non-human problems. A collective wellbeing.

As many courses and projects I would do, I couldn’t solve these problems.

The only way is empowering other people to learn and do projects.

How to scale human empowerment then?

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In what cases inertia is healthy? When going that extra mile brings closer to a desired result.

Now, try the reverse.

Often, going that extra mile does not matter.

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At times the angry birds bite me. I feel bad. The angry birds do too!

Bad : Bad.

If I respond nicely, I feel better.

Good : Bad.

If I respond nicely, the angry birds may feel nice now too!

Good : Good.

See? It makes sense to be nice.

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When I’m tired, I can only think in shorts.

Like –

What works? Response.

The language of kindness rule the world.

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If I were to pick one thing from the natural world, it’d be diversity. Snails are slow. Eagles sharp. Seals wet.

And humans vary too!

I’m only learning to accept a sea of personalities, abilities and strengths.

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Being compassionate does not work together with being organised nor visionary. Compassionate is about now. Not tomorrow. And not next steps.

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A cell is both, an individual and a part of an arm. And of the body.

Same with humans. We’re on our own but also a part of something bigger by default. A part of a human species. And of a planet Earth. And of the solar system. And of the universe.

And what’s awareness then? Maybe realising which role to play when. Different needs matter then.

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Learning to be an arm, sometimes a head, sometimes a finger for a team. Same like cells are units of their own but also part of the bigger unit – the body.

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Self-organisation was interesting to me for a long time when experimenting with personal development. But these days I look for inspiration elsewhere and everywhere.

How do self-organised organisms work? What conditions are needed? When these are better than top-down organised systems?

This is quite an important question to me as I believe that self-direction promotes construction and thus meaningful life for all.

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Translating observations from one language to another is a mental challenge. A journey of understanding. Too.

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What if “self” is not truly important? While creating value for everyone is. Self suddenly gets lost in the process.

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One can devote their life to questioning, doing and then look back to realise “I was wrong”. A sound of a meaning of life.

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We set goals for one and assume everyone does. What about we get together first and then set common goals?

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Reflection is as important as observation. We get lost in research. Ideas breed ideas. Only when we stop to review, explain, present, clarity comes straight away.

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“No one likes to change or to be changed”, I heard years ago. But hey, we change every day. Just look up your nails and hair! Growing. Day by day.

What about ‘transformation’? A scary word suggesting transformers. Or butterflies and caterpillars.

We forget how we transform a few times during a lifetime. Our bodies expand and shrink when we age.

Our values, habits, behaviours change get a new shape. Any better word than ‘transform’ fits such a ‘change’?

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We set Goals and schedule Projects. Welcome, Chaos. What about Rest, our forgotten source of energy? HMW schedule rest for our hours, days, weeks, months, years?

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Navigating chaos means staying in a good mood even when things fall apart.

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Energy is more important than efficient result. Because energy caries emotions which we remember. We forget the results. We often change paths and past results don’t matter. But the energy stays. We remember.

I asked a nurse: “What is one thing about caring?” “Love and compassion,” she said.

New Tools

How to learn to love everybody then? There are tools for efficiency. But what about scaling caring?

It comes down to micro interactions. Being kind to oneself. And others. Even if the inside burns with anger.

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Realising that you cannot know everything and being happy with the unknown, comfortable without knowing.

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Observing the World is not noticing Problems to fix, but rather noticing the Beauty, both the aesthetics and the function.

Problems breed ideas, sure, but also cary an emotion. While the Beauty also breeds ideas, and caries a different kind of emotion.

Emotion matters because it inspires behaviour.

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Self-structure is important. Especialy when we use computers daily – to learn, work, get inspired, generate ideas, communicate, do work again, reflect, create.

So much knowledge there, like an inner innovation playground. Most of the things we do we forget or simply don’t capture at all.

What if we would capture some more? Would you like to see and know your interests over time? What influences your thinking and doing? And feeling! What topics have you explored since you started using a computer/phone? What projects have you worked on? Where’s your personal icebox [an archive]? I would certainly would love to know all that.

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The world is so uncertain these days. I think someone else’s thought and reply in my mind – was it ever certain?

I notice how I enjoy questions. So many friendships have started this way. But there’s more to that.

Questions to me work as a safety bubble. A way to trust the world, because I trust myself. What other tool gives a lasting trust if not a simple act of turning a problem into a question, and then looking for information, doing projects to try things out and find your answers.

Here I mentioned a tip. Did you notice?

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