How to rest… I’m gonna go so. Where is my jacket? The one with cats? Found it. Ok. To town please! Oh winds, noise, hello. I’ve missed you. I hear you. I hear all of you. Let me park it right there. Right. Wait. I’ll go find a bench. Wet as always. I love. Watching. You. One by one. Rushing bees. Xoxo. I’d like something. Italian icecream! Pistacio. With some sea salt. Nice? Nice. Alright. Let’s go. Let’s hang out! Hello buildings! Still here! Anything new? Apart of dog poo? How is my icecream? Oh, oh. I dropped it! When staring at the white noise. I hear you! C’mon. Let me inside. A new exhibition is on! A dead cow on display. Oh, it’s fake. Good. Ok. It took 5 years! Wow. Brave. And free. The artist, I mean! So silent. Nothing allowed. Well. It’s cold. And dark soon. Better go home. Where is my cab? A bike, I mean. Cycling in the rain… // Back to the sofa. Did you go to town? Me neither. Just typed this up! Feeling good. Rested!

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