3 Hats for Dreams Come True

TL;DR This post is about why it is important to practice 3 opposite traits (to feel, think, and do) when working towards dreams.

It happens that I have friends in various circles.

Some of my friends are into spirituality, who believe in manifestation and law of attraction. In these circles, the common ideas and sayings are about “go with a flow”, “it has to feel right”, “synchronicity”, “intuition”, “telepathy”, and so on.

Some of my friends are into thinking, analysis, rationality and problem solving, who believe in rationally analysing thoughts, critically debating, judging each other’s opinions. In these circles the common sayings are “explain your rationale”, “how would that work?”, “what impact would this create?”, and so on.

Some of my friends are into doing, who believe in experience as the way to find the truth. In these circles, the common sayings are “let’s experiment”, “prototyping”, “hands-on”, “we just have to give it a try”, “trial and error”, “baby steps”, and so on.

Which way of looking into dreams and goals in life is the right one?

Well, none of these approaches work if used only on their own. To make dreams happen, we need a recipe of all 3 ingredients.

Feeling and believing is important. Thinking and reflecting about it matters. Doing it, taking action, even the smallest steps, does too!

It is easier said than done. Here, I remember my favorite hobby: dressing up. These 3 approaches feel like hats from different styles. I may try out real physical hats when meeting my diverse friends next time!

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