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Philosophy as a hobby

Welcome to my public diary. This is my playground where I ask a question and answer it to myself, as an audio, as a sketch, as a sentence or a short poem. What a weird hobby I have!

The Feeling of Fruitful Collaborations

I wonder, what glues people together. Why some collaborations work, while others do not? I guess the same things as in any relationships apply.

It’s not about the what part like doing things together, but what glues people together is the feeling, the how part (the links between each others).

Overlapping our Worlds. Checking in and inquiring about each others worlds makes a common ground. Being curious about each other, how’s each other’s day, health, creativity, lifestyle, family, hobbies, etc, and look – our lives overlap!

Directly Opening Up: Heartfully Saying How It Is or What’s Needed. I feel that one of the hardest things in any relationship is openess. But when this threshold is crossed, it really glues people into bonded teams and partnerships. It’s about being open to share and say from the heart how it is; almost being punchy to ask for help or for feedback, without expecting that the other person will guess what’s on my mind. Guesses never work, haha.

Being in the Space. Timespace in the day (or virtual channel) to be together and share, really be there on-line or face-to-face, and togetherness somehow becomes a habit…

Celebrating Together. Appreciating one another, thanking each other and celebrating together when project or life milestones do happen (and also when not!).

Yeah, I thought about this while staring at these tiny fruits elegantly hanging in the air!

Self-Discovery through Nature

It’s funny. I love exploring so much. Talking when walking, thoughts always jumping! So much excitement that I forget to pause. Until – boom! I notice something. A pattern I haven’t seen before.

This autumn, when seasons change, I felt a change budding inside myself.

I realised my quest on following “How Might We Co-Exist?” has ended. Yes, the same question I was following since 2018, when we hit the road and left the bee life in Dublin (IE). It’s 2022. But it feels like an entire lifetime has passed.


I arrived: “Symbiosis“. That’s how I call this stage of my life. A feeling of togetherness, interdependence, partnerships, evolving together.

But I couldn’t spot the new identity in my skin. Well, I thank my new shiny toy – digital wardrobe app – that gave me a hint. It turns out, I’m all covered in nature. Patterns after patterns reminding me my true nature throughout the day.

Oh, hi nature!

How Kids Taught Me to Play with Emotions

It was 27 kids. Not even mine. 27 kids who gave me one of the best lessons in my life.

When I was in the creative partnerships project at the real school last winter, I got introduced to a drama therapy method for group facilitation: Checking in to the session with a real thing instead of words, Talking about a thing but actually about ourselves, and so on.

But the gem came out out of the kids themselves: taking a pause to let emotions fly freely.

But what if we don’t have the courage to say the truth, as it is? What if sometimes there are no words to describe our human experience? There are other languages, such as languages of art. After seeing how creative exercises unlock the kids’s expression, I got curious to try it out myself.

Drama Diary

What can I learn from my emotional experiences? I got myself a diary. I called it “a drama diary”. I went an extra step into pausing and tapping into the moment when my body is experiencing a feeling of something (like fear, judgment, guilt or hurt – yes I went deep straight with 4 explorations so far!)

The diary filled with messy drawings-like-whatever-expressions. I still keep it as an artifact for my creative projects haha. But it also made me feel calmer. “Oh, what if emotions are like a language the body is using to reach my sometimes overrational mind?” I noted a question popping in my mind.

Overall, as I reflect more, the body seems to be my private lighthouse, a sensor, in the journey of creativity. So I keep on playing with my emotions since. I have to say, some of my hmm moments birth during a drama inside this same diary. There’s something magical about openess to face all sides of life, inquiring into the body feeling before the question or “problem statement” is there. And to me is this space of unknown (which is often scary) is what sets the exploration path!

So, I’ll keep on exploring! I’m so curious where the body exploration is going to lead me.

Storytelling ABC

I attended the Oral Storytelling workshop with a colorful Heidi Dahlsveen last weekend. How was it? Well, imagine 3 days in nature with 15 people and 40 storytelling exercises: solo, in pairs, in the group of 15/3/4, swapping pairs all the time. After a rollercoaster, I was really entertained by the process of taking folk tales and transforming them into clickbait stories.

Here’s what I learned.


  • Take a real memory and blend it with an imaginary story, which makes a story feel like wow!
  • Fake stories always need a personal connection to them.
  • Listener activates. A story comes from the mouth when someone sits and listens!
  • Any Folk Tale can be used as bones of the story. Then just change things. Simply add your type of characters, change where action happens, etc. and tell the story you want to tell!
  • Stories are like a good meal. Add Spices + Emotions and always make stories more emotional/more contrast than they were in reality.
  • Anyone can tell a story. Try this: Remember your morning routine? Now  tell it this way: Real morning routine plus 1 unexpected magical fake thing that happened.

… to be continued …


from nothing

springs everything


kaip supakuoti savo protą į ankedotą?

Galvoju apie anekdotų naudojimą kūrybiškumo ir savęs pažinimo ekspedicijoms!


Žmuo ~ žmogus

Senoji Lietuvių Kalba


felt is real


What’s so true for you that isn’t for anyone else?


Pasyvumas atrakina.


“Kaip jautiesi?” anksti rytą suklusau. – “Normaliai”, sau sakau. “Ačiū,” – prabudau.


Moving forward is Looping.


What if conflicts are like waste without which an insight wouldn’t arrive? Pause and integration of learnings after conflicts is key.


Netekau amo!


Future social networks could be chains of 1:1 reactions.


Bendravimas duoda vaisių.


Keksas vis tempia. Ei! Ranką išlauši. Drausminu. Nu kur jis lekia?

Na ką, laikas! Greit greit, ranka pasiklydo kišenėj ieškodama raktų, o Keksas tik šmukšt pro duris! Nagi nagi, aš gi skubu! Šiaip ne taip sugunčiau vynuogių šakele ir štai jau bėgu per balas į autą. Laukiu. Kaip nėr taip nėr. Bet man dešimtą reik būt mieste! Bolt. Ir štai aš pakeliui. Spėjau. Be dviejų dešimt. Nu nu. Tai kur tas renginys? Pala, kokia šiandien diena? Nu nu. 29! Lapkričio. Bet ne 1! Gruodžio. Nu ne. Ne. Ta. Diena.

Laukiu auto.

Ženklai visada ten, kur jų reikia.


We all are living (learning) systems and metabolism (being active, communication) is a process of life.

If in the body metabolism means a conversion of food into energy, in society/community, metabolism could mean a conversion of thoughts into ideas, solutions and projects.

For any community the same things could be true:

– Links/Relationships between members within a network

– Metabolism/Flow of thoughts, resources, ideas

In closed communities, at the start when people dont know each other well, Facilitators need to setup more activities, playgrounds and invite people. When people bond through frequent activities, Facilitators could celebrate a self-organised community.

Well in theory 😂


Patirtys turi sujaukti galvas, atsirakina pasąmonė. Mokymasis vyksta nesąmoningai.


Kas įvyko? Ką pastebėjau? Ką siūlau?



“Fasilitatorius turi pasiimti savo galią: tikslo aiškumas, kodėl mes čia” ir jo siekimas per veiklas, greitas pamatymas, kada reikia keisti eigą ir į kurią pusę. O taip pat refleksija su dalyviais, bet ir su savimi.



Kas vyksta, kai mokausi? Bandau pagauti jūros putas vėjy. Vis išsprūsta. Ištirpsta. Vėjas ištaško. Lieka jausmas. Tarsi apčiuopiau kažką. Bet ne. Tik sprogusių burbulų vaivorykštė delne. Bandysiu dar. Tikiuos, pagausiu esmę.


“How is your world?” a friend. “Like a chewing bubble gum!”


visata žagsi, kada?


Kai sunku, galiu. Kurti sistemas.


Galvojau, kad dialogas sukuria ryšį. Bet kartais buvimas ar veikimas kartu yra pirmiau nei dialogas.


The basics of Living Systems is a conversation.


Kodėl mes čia, šitoj stotelėj? Visada svarbu.


Galvoju. O kas svarbiausia ruošiantis bendra-kūrybai su nepažįstamaisiais? Susipažinimas. Bendrumų pamatymas. [Veikla!] Atsiranda smalsumas vieni kitiems.

Seka bendravimas. Dialogas. Nesutarimas. Sutarimas. Ping pong. [Veikla!] O vėliau ir pasitikėjimas atsiranda. Lankstumas.

Keliavimas kartu. [Veikla!] Bendros vizijos modeliavimas.

Stotelių džiaugsmas. Arba poilsis sustojus kartu. [Veikla!] Kartais ir atsitraukimas. [Veikla!] Grįžimas į būrį kelionei tęsti. [Veikla!]


Galvoju. Kas yra mokymasis? Kelionė. Ir sumišimas, ir pasimetimas, ir atradimas. O ar būna kelionės trumpos? Fragmentiškos? Nagi, su gidais! Patirtis kaip dovana.


How might business look like as a living (eco)system?


First time I heard about personal learning networks (PLNs) was in 2012. I worked with educators who saw interactions on social media as a professional development journey. Back then, I wondered – how could a social network developed for a learning purpose look like?

Personal Learning Network to me means learning while browsing the Internet, a lifelong learning journey, that is curiosity-driven which leads to project-based learning. Add feedback loops from diverse connections to the mix and here’s a continuous informal peer-to-peer learning process that is about self-realisation and collaboration. Oh, and skills! Critical thinking and creativity (diverse topics lead to creative thought) are developed through interactions as we go too.

Now, I’m learning about systems thinking at Capra course, so zooming in on links within a network. As I’m involved in many diverse networks, I wonder:

How to map my personal learning network? That is, share insights from parts and see the whole?


Migruoti ir pasiklysti kad ir savoj aplinkoj taip smagu!