Broad Interests

How might we co-exist?

~ led me to biomimicry

Learnings: Humans accept others when they depend on each other.

Learnings: Humans discover a need to co-exist when they are free to explore.


Ziu diary app.

Kokonai workspaces.

0oo network.

How do people grow?

~ led me to self-improvement, philosophy

Learnings: Humans grow when they engage in a self-driven exploration of interests and self-directed learning.

Learnings: Humans grow when they have a safe space for development.


Kokono learning expeditions.

How do ideas spread?

~ led me to marketing, Internet technology, entrepreneurship

Learnings: Humans spread ideas through business and marketing.

Humans transform ideas into products. Products solve specific problems. Products reach customers through communication. Communication creates experiences for customers through education or entertainment about product benefits.

Learnings: Humans spread ideas through social networks.

Humans share thoughts with other humans through conversations. Online conversations speed up idea generation.


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