Modern Fundamentals


This list is a creative summary of my model of the world.

Life ~ Life is a journey through time when we engage in values-driven activities with a goal to reach self-actualisation and create a social impact.

Values ~ Values are guiding principles that help us make decisions.

Self-actualisation ~ Self-actualisation is a process that helps reveal our potential and create something that others need.

Need ~ A need is something seen as valuable by others.

Value ~ Value is something that makes someone's life easier.

Social impact ~ Social impact is a solution to a problem that we all have.

Business ~ Business is a tool that helps us reach self-actualisation and create a social impact.

Marketing ~ Marketing is a tool to develop trustful relationships between a business and the audience.

Trust ~ Trust is aligned expectations.

Relationships ~ Relationships are shared experiences and interactions.

Product ~ A product is something valuable created by the business for its audiences.

Brand ~ A brand is conversations people are having about your business. Brands often spread within communities.

Community ~ Community is a group of people with shared-values.

Technology ~ Technology is a tool created with a purpose to help us accomplish a certain task or "get a job done".

Collaboration ~ Collaboration is a process where we share our knowledge and skills to pursue shared goals.

Goals ~ Goals are something we want.